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Founder and Head Strategist

Thank you for visiting the page and the business. It's much appreciated and I hope we get to speak in person soon. I've left a little bio below so you can see not only why I can support you and your business but that I have the passion and energy to support your dreams as if they were mine. 

Commercially focused with over 20 years sales experience. Motivated, solutions driven person who loves a challenge. I enjoy strategies and love finding innovative ways to drive incremental growth within the business. That said, my last two roles within smaller business have allowed me to be very hands on in many areas  including logistics, supplier relations, marketing, NPD, and design. I have a proven history of combining strong product knowledge with excellent negotiation skills to identify and maximise sales opportunities.



Head of E commerce & Senior Strategist

I gained my 10 years experience working in the Health & Wellness industry establishing, managing and growing trade both online, with Amazon & Ocado and with major retailers including Asda & Tesco.

I cut my commercial teeth at Tree of Life - the UK's largest Wholesale and Distributor of Natural, Organic and Healthy products - where I spent the first 7 years of my career.

I love a good spreadsheet(!) and delivering data driven strategy and optimisation.

I particularly enjoy the vision, passion and energy, all of which I find contagious, of our brand partners and being able to play my part in helping to deliver those visions.



Leader of their field

We also work with a number of trusted project partners who will assist us with key projects from data analysis, marketing,export or purely additional resource. They may only support for specific projects but they are no less part of the Take on Goliath family.

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Social Media Manager 

I love helping people with social media management, Paid ads, audits and strategies. I have over nine years of experience working in social media!

Over the past nine years, I have taken a hobby and turned it into a brand and was able to take my brand from Zero to over One Hundred Thousand followers across multiple platforms. (All organic)

I'm constantly testing and trying new things to get the best results and continuous training to ensure I get the best results! I have recently completed a social media psychology course! Learning what makes people like/share/ comment on social media was super interesting!



Brand Liaison 

Brand Liaison: I started with 5 years of experience working in the Retail industry with big brands such as Morrisons, Asda, Amazon and Hello Fresh before moving to administrative and business support. I’ve always had a passion for supporting independent brands especially healthier and more eco-friendly alternatives. 



Commercial Manager 

I have worked for 20 years in retail, sales and operations. My journey started at university whilst studying for my Law Degree I found I had a real appreciation for good wine, upon graduating, I followed my passion & that led to various Management roles at Majestic wine.


I soon made the switch to Beer and Spirits at Adnams Brewery as Sales, Activity and Promotional Planner. I became respected and known for my account management skills, and delivering sales growth and was promoted to Operations Manager. After 6 years living in Suffolk I moved back to Kent, where I have had the pleasure of working alongside small family run businesses, producing artisan products, utilising my experience to help them with various aspects of the business, namely, operations, brand development and sales strategies.


I am dedicated, passionate and work hard to ensure I meet the high standards of each client and I never take for granted the importance of building long standing relationships with both my clients and my colleagues who put their trust and confidence in me.