Welcome to Take on Goliath, a commercial strategy consulting agency that helps SME businesses like yours be seen and heard more. If you find yourself wearing too many hats each day to give your time fully to the areas your business needs most support, we are here to help.

Supporting SME brands take on the giants.

Not sure how to get listed in specific retailers or how to maximize the listings you have? We are here to help.

Keep trying to talk to your consumers on social media but they don't seem to hear or follow you? We are here to help. 

We can tailor support to look like exactly what you need it to, when you need it but without having to commit to full time resource.

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The biggest compliments I can give Dave is that he is the ultimate team player and his constant strive for continuous improvement, which I guess stem from his sports coach background. Dave will sacrifice himself to help the team overachieve, giving up personal goals to help the wider team achieve theirs. He is very self-reflective always looking at himself and the team to deliver both the big wins and the 1% to deliver the personal growth, which is relentless.

Patrick Turner - Ex Sales Director