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Our passion is helping YOU succeed
We support SME businesses, founders, stores and anyone working with them to realise their full potential and help guide them on their journey.

About Us

I am a facilitator of learning and exploring, a guide and mentor dedicated to people and helping them to explore different ways to grow and communicate.

My reason for starting Take on Goliath was a simple one. To help people succeed in their goals both in business and personal development. Supporting people to learn new ideas, seek more from themselves and others and to have a clearer picture of what can be achieved. All the while doing our best to link the right businesses to the right stores to provide a service and platform for growth. All of this is about people.

How can we Support

No two businesses are the same, nor is the services we provide. We tailor to the businesses needs and add in and remove areas of support as we build and grow the businesses. What might start focussed on E Commerce might switch to a Independent Store as we see opportunity.

Help you engage with your Customers.

Wherever they might be!
From social media to email marketing and every touch point in between. We can help work out who your customers are, where they shop and how to communicate the right message to them.

Identify how to fulfil the needs of your customers.

By speaking their language
What problem does your product solve and who is looking to solve it. We will indentify the reason consumers will switch, try and repeat purchase your products.

Full E- Commerce growth management.

Your guide through the minefield
Without the right understanding you can work on Amazon everyday and not hit your sales potential. We can take care of strategy, content, promotions, listings and registering businesses.

Coaching and Mentoring

You don't know what you dont know.

Invest in your development. We sometimes find ourselves running teams or businesses without ever having done this before. It can be daunting and overwhelming. I speak from experience.

I can assure you, you are not alone. We’ve all been here and we will keep finding ourselves here throughout our career as we push ourselves to grow.

The Store Support

Businesses will support every listing with a strong marketing and promotional campaign. They will listen to the store and create bespoke plans where they can and within reason.

All the businesses we work with agree to the take on goliath’s promise. This way, you know when we speak about a businesses , they have already committed to supporting every store, big or small.

Store Support Available

Instore Sampling

One of the best ways to encourage consumers to purchase new lines is to sample. We offer several sampling events a month without stores having to commit to order unless their customers approve.

Competition Prizes

Be it in store on online, we know the chance to win encourages purchase and can be used to introduce businesses to a stores consumers.

Businesses Education

If the stores don’t know what the product does or the ingredients within it, how can they sell it? Education for stores and consumers is key to converting those browsing to purchase.


Other options are
  • Businesses Assets for Website
  • POS for in store
  • Window display material
  • Payment Terms
  • Plus all Businesses are open to any ideas or bespoke options

Businesses we've worked with

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