I am a facilitator of learning and exploring, a guide and mentor dedicated to people and helping them to  explore different ways to grow and communicate.  

My reason for starting Take on Goliath was a simple one. To help people succeed in their goals both in business and personal development. Supporting people to learn new ideas, seek more from themselves and others and to have a clearer picture of what can be achieved. All the while doing our best to link the right brands to the right stores to provide a service and platform for growth. All of this is about people.


SME brands, stores and the people within them are just the most energetic, passionate people. I learn something for someone everyday and through my desire for learning and developing I aim to impart that knowledge and share those learnings.  


My strengths and passions all revolve around understanding people. From what consumers are looking for in a product to spotting the next food or drink trends and helping brands position themselves best for growth. Connecting other people's needs and thoughts with the right path for the best outcomes excites me each and every time we help them meet.  

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Our Team.

As well as supporting great people i'm also fortunate to work with a team that shares the same passion and bring their extensive knowledge to TOG making us stronger, together.